Ever since the announcement of the big screen debut of Doctor Strange, I’ve been trying to determine which Doctor Strange stories that I should read to prime myself for November 4th. Thankfully, the good folks over at the Fatman on Batman podcast were talking about the oath and I decided to give it a look. I can honestly say that even though it’s been a while since I read Marvel comics regularly, I was impressed with how quickly I was able to get back into the world with this book.

Written by Brian K. Vaughn (Lost , Under the Dome) and drawn by Marcos Martin. The series itself is only 5 issues and the story manages to touch on all things that you would expect in the world of Doctor Strange, but it also deftly weaves into the larger universe and it’s story actually touches on a lot of things currently happening in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The story opens with Iron Fist sitting in a waiting room with a pulled muscle and Wong bringing in Doctor Strange, who has been shot, to see The Night Nurse. So there is already a link to two characters in the MCU Netflix universe. While Night Nurse is treating Strange, we also find out that his assistant Wong has brain cancer and the lengths to which Strange will go to rescue his friend lead to multiple panes of existence, a journey into Stephen Strange’s past, a hidden student of the Ancient One and a possible cure for all human disease.

It’s definitely a story worth reading and while I may not agree with some of the decisions that Strange makes, there is definitely an interesting parable about what the moral implications of a new type of power might be, especially in the hands of man. It is definitely worth a read for anyone new to Doctor Strange.

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