Doctor Strange #6

Marvel Comics

Written by Mark Waid

Art by Kev Walker

Colors by Java Tartaglia

Letters by Cory Petit

The Rundown: Strange must employ some new tactics if he is going to stop Madam Masque and the weapons she’s delivered all over the world.


Masque has captured Dr. Druid, giving Doctor Strange time to come up with a plan to stop all of Masque’s weapons. As Druid probes the mind of their enemy he discovers the dark, twisted reasoning behind her actions and their connection to Tony Stark.

At the same time, Strange deactivates the defenses to the city in order to reach Druid in time. After discovering that there is a kill switch to all the weapons stolen from his forge, he has to enter Masque’s mind to find out where he is. An act that will leave his body vulnerable to friend and foe alike.

The Story: Mark Waid brings this story to a satisfying conclusion while opening the door to new threats to Strange in the future. Strange makes some really clever and interesting moves throughout this story and I like that his solution to the Madame Masque situation is to be compassionate in his punishment. While the story is fun and well executed, I would have like to see some of it trimmed in order to expand on Strange’s journey through Masque’s mind. That was an engaging part of the story I wanted to see more of. That aside, the story is entertaining.

The Art: Kev Walker does an amazing job with the art in this issue. From the characters to the action, everything captures the tone of the story and elevates it. Strange’s fight in the streets of Kryll are visually stunning and the madness inside Madame Masque is brilliantly rendered.

Doctor Strange #6




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