Doctor Strange #19

Marvel Comics

Written by Mark Waid

Art by Jesus Saiz

Letters by Cory Petit

The Rundown: Doctor Strange will need to draw upon the experience of his former life if he is going to save an innocent child from an undeserved death.

On a stormy night a mother and her small child make their way through the woods on their way home. As they travel an unfamiliar road, an entity emerges that causes the mother to crash her car. As the malevolent entity tries to attack her, Stephen Strange appears and drives it off. As he tries to comfort the woman and ponder how the entity was able to escape, he notices the almost lifeless body of the young boy.


Knowing that danger of the boys condition and the fact that he only has minutes to save him, Stephen will seek out some forbidden magic that will hold the key to allowing Strange to return to the role of Doctor to save this boy’s life. At the same time, the three of them are targeted by the entity with Strange at his most vulnerable.

The Story: This is such a great story. It has a simple premise which is executed flawlessly by Mark Waid. The dialogue and pacing remind the reader of the tension of the situation. The story does a great job of hitting on all the things that make Doctor Strange a unique character as well as reminding the reader and Stephen of the life he used to have and how much good he did in it. There are a couple of really compelling moments in this issue and they are worth experiencing in the context of this well done story.

The Art: Jesus Saiz delivers some fantastic art in this issue. There are some incredibly well detailed and beautiful visual moments in this story. The dialogue goes a long way toward conveying the tension and pain of the moment and Saiz’s art drives that home with impressive facial details and expression.

Doctor Strange #19




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