736617._SX1280_QL80_TTD_Doctor Strange #11

Marvel Comics

Written by Mark Waid

Art by Jesus Saiz and Javier Pina

Colors by Jesus Saiz and Rachelle Rosenberg

Letters by Cory Peit

The Accountant is gone and Dormammu has Strange and his friends bear witness as the Faltine begin the destruction of Earth.

In a desperate and rare move on the part of the Sorcerer Supreme, he transports his friends to safety and puts his faith and trust in them to find a way to save the day.


Zelda finds a possible solution in the stolen magical knowledge of the Ancient One and they each take a part of his power in order to stop the Faltine.

As Strange’s friends battle the demons throughout the city, Stephen has to find a way to keep Dormammu distracted long enough for them to connect to each other and bring him down. With the Faltine on the ropes, Doctor Strange’s friends come to his aid against his nemesis, but the toxic nature of stolen magic from the ancient one will force Stephen to choose between victory and the lives of his friends.

This is a great conclusion to this storyline. Mark Waid tells an amazing and engaging story with this issue. The conclusion that Stephen comes to about utilizing his friends is something that has been building up for several issues and it is used brilliantly in this one. It’s a revelation that comes just in time, but doesn’t automatically save the day or his strained relationship with his friends. It’s an interesting narrative flow for the issue and illustrates the adage that magic costs. Even if that cost is the trust of the people Strange cares about.

Jesus Saiz and Javier Pina deliver some truly inspiring and amazing art. All of the details highlight that beauty and power of the characters. All of the action looks amazing and the style and tone perfectly match the story Waid is telling.

Doctor Strange #11




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