After months of searching and endless editorials about the studios inability to cast the leads for Disney’s next live action adaptation, it has been announced that the live action Aladdin has finally found its leads.

Disney has announced the leads for its live-action Aladdin film, effectively ending the speculation and negative press surrounding the production. The biggest issue with the casting was that the studio wants to make sure the leads are of Middle Eastern descent. So here are the three leads that have been announced.


Taking the role of the street rat who embodies the “diamond in the rough” will be actor Mena Massoud. A relative newcomer, Massoud has done voice work for the animated series The 99 and television series like Open Heart and the upcoming Jack Ryan series.


The next piece of casting news is that Naomi Scott has been cast as Princess Jasmine. Scott has been seen a lot this year especially. She is known for her performances in the short-lived Fox series Terra Nova and the movie The 33. Her biggest role to date was as Kimberly in this year’s Power Rangers movie.


The final piece of official casting is the one that will garner the most press as production begins. Will Smith has been cast as the Genie in the film. As you know, Robin Williams originates the role of the Genie and gave what many consider the definitive performance for that character with improvisations that were next level. While Will Smith has the ability and talent to give a great comedic performance, his ability to improvise has never reached the levels of Williams.

The remaining cast has not been named so there is no word on who will play Jasmine’s father the Sultan or, more importantly, the villain Jafar and his parrot sidekick Iago.

More on this story as it develops.

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