Disney's Live Action Aladdin Film Starts Search for Its Leads

In another bit of casting news from Hollywood, Disney is currently on the hunt for the leads for their live action Aladdin film. 

The Hollywood Reporter has learned that the company is sending out casting notices to Middle Eastern actors 18-25 to play the roles of Aladdin and Jasmine in the Guy Ritchie helmed film.


The notice also states that the ability to sing is required and dance experience is a plus. Rehearsals are set for April with filming to begin in July and go through January 2018. The film is written by Big Fish and Corpse Bride scribe John August. No word yet on the remaining casting but, we will keep you informed. As a Disney movie fan, I’m going to take a little time and make a couple of casting suggestions for the movie.


Pushing the envelope at 27 would be recent Academy Award nominee Dev Patel (Lion). His role in Lion and his previous critical acclaim for Slumdog Millionaire proves that he can carry a film on his shoulders.


As far as Jasmine goes, my choice would be actress/singer Yasmine Aker (Agent Carter). She has experience in both music and acting which is what the role requires. She also has experience both in Western productions, but with Disney through ABC.

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