Disney has been showcasing many of its upcoming releases including looks at the upcoming Jon Favreau (The Jungle Book) version of the classic animated film The Lion King and another Disney classic coming to live action on the big screen; Dumbo.

The presentation at CinemaCon gave the audience the first look at the film’s logo as well as a look at the main character himself, which will be rendered in CGI.


Dumbo will star Colin Farrell as Holt, a former circus performer who finds his life turned upside down when he returns from the war. The owner of the circus, Max (Danny DeVito) enlists him to care for a newborn elephant whose oversized ears make him the laughingstock of the circus, which is struggling to stay in business. When Holt’s children discover that the elephant can fly, Holt must try to protect Dumbo as an entrepreneur named Vandemere (Michael Keaton) and his partner, aerial artist Colette (Eva Green) swoop in to make the young elephant a star.


Dumbo is directed by Tim Burton (Batman, Beetlejuice) from a script  by Ehren Kruger (The Ring, The Skeleton Key)

Dumbo is expected to fly into theaters March 29, 2019.


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