die-6_73db86c16fDIE #6

Image Comics

Written by Kieron Gillen

Art by Stephanie Hans

Letters by Clayton Cowles

The Rundown: With the party split, Ash must find a way to escape Glass Town with Sol, but it won’t be without sacrifice.

Ash, Matt and Angela are trapped beneath the ruins of Glass Town as an occupying army takes over the area. In order to enact Ash’s plan to escape from the city, they need fair gold and that is in short supply. What makes matters worse is that fair gold disappears at dawn so they only have hours to collect what they need. The plan has more problems in the form of Sol, who they need to take with them if they are going to find a way out of the game.


In order for them to even have a chance, Ash’s sister Angela will have to make some tough choices. Her options become more difficult when she consults the oracle that gave her the gifts she uses and she is told that one must be sacrificed. The result of her choice will take Ash back to a place that he has tried to forget.

The Story: This story continues to be a brilliant piece of art. The characters are flawed and compelling. The plot is fantastic. The world building is incredibly engaging to the reader and I want to learn more about this game and its world with every issue. Kieron Gillen has captured something special in DIE that transcends genres and this issue is no exception. I love every twist and turn that this story takes and the reveal at the end of this issue is amazing.

The Art: Stephanie Hans always delivers beautiful and stunningly detailed art and this issue showcases her talent with some great panels and pages. I am in awe of the style and sophistication of the art in this series.


Die #6




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