Detective Comics #1084

DC Comics

Written by Ram V

Art by Javier Fernandez

Colors by Dave McCaig

Letters by Ariana Maher

The Rundown: Batman returns to Gotham to become something this new city needs.

As the city forgets the Dark Knight, Batman returns to make his presence felt to those who operate in the darkness. At the same time, he gives Montoya the evidence she has been looking for in the murder case she’s been investigating as the Question.

Before his return, Bruce consults with Talia and discovers that she something connected to the Orghams that she intends to use. After returning to the city, Batman decides to send a message to the city’s new leaders. A message that signifies that he is back.

The Story: Ram V delivers a fantastic story in this issue. I love the character’s return and the circumstances behind it. The back story elements work beautifully for the character and every moment sets up some interesting and curious things to explore in this new and different Gotham. I like seeing Batman employ new tactics against a new enemy and look forward to seeing how they respond.

The Art: Fernandez delivers some beautifully detailed and lovely art throughout the issue. The action works brilliantly with the colors and use of shadow throughout and I love the final reveal and what it means for the story going forward.

Detective Comics #1084



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