9DE7E946-FBEF-465B-B9AC-40B155C18E04The Despicable Deadpool #294

Marvel Comics

Written by Gerry Duggan

Art by Scott Koblish

Colors by Ruth Redmond

Deadpool has decided that he is going to take care of some unfinished business and he is starting with the person responsible for poisoning his family and starting the ball rolling on what has become his increasingly complicated life; Madcap. At the same time, the villain himself is looking for Wade in order to get revenge. As he finds the familiar locations that he encountered Wade and his family at destroyed,  Madcap takes a refresher course on what he missed before running into Deadpool himself. Or to be more specific, Deadpool runs into him.


Madcap and Deadpool fight it out and it is as madcap as the villains name. Both sides have to deal with being 4th wall breaking, indestructible killing machines with no conscious and that becomes its own drama when Wade presses a button to call in some very specific help. The help he calls in not only finds Madcap to be a fascinating subject, but it appears to be what the villain wanted the whole time. Madcap has always been a relatively tedious villain to me for the most part, but he’s utilized in a way that his menace actually makes sense.

Even though there is some well done dialogue, the story moves pretty quickly towards its conclusion. I enjoyed that as well. I think having a long, drawn out back and forth between these two characters would have been annoyingly self-serving. When Stryfe contacts Wade with the next name on his hit list, there is a visibly sobering moment from the merc and it peaked my attention to see what happens next. Duggan really knows this character and crafts stories that are both surreal, humorous and in some rather bleak moments, poignant.



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