deadpool288.jpgThe Despicable Deadpool #288

Marvel Comics

Written by Gerry Duggan

Art by Scott Koblish

Colors by Nick Filardi

Deadpool Kills Cable Part Two: Waiting for Cable Installation

Cable is stuck in a TVA prison waiting for trial because he has been mistaken for his time-traveling evil clone Stryfe. As he talks to the guard standing in front of his cell, he relays to him the mistake they made in leaving his arm behind with Deadpool. With the arms time traveling abilities, Deadpool goes back and studies encouters with previous TVA agents until he can isolate one and get some answers, violently.


As Cable recounts the scenario to the guard, a series of gunshots ring out beyond the cells as Cable warns his guard that Deadpool is already here. As the two watch the carnage outside as Deadpool cuts through the guards trying to stop him, Cable asks for a phone call. Cable places a call to his future self, who gives him some interesting advice about dealing with Deadpool before finally hanging up. The guard hands Cable a weapon and the two leave the cells, walking through the carnage Wade has left behind.

When the two finally meet up again, both Wade and Cable come out swinging and its going to take something drastic to keep them from actually killing each other.

This issue illustrates one of the fundamental truths about Deadpool as a character. In spite of the absurdity and comedy of the character, Deadpool is good at what he does. The fact that the writer chooses to allow Cable to explain to his guard how clever Deadpool is in finding a way to get to him in the future, makes the moment the two of them meet again face to face all the more interesting. There is a respect that these two have for each other, even if it’s layered with contempt. The art works really well in this too with just enough gore to be effective without taking away from the action.

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