With only two days left until The Defenders premieres on Netflix, I am breaking down each of the characters this week to give those unfamiliar with the characters a primer and those waiting for The Defenders a look at where the characters are at the beginning of the limited series. Here’s a look at tough-talking, brash and troubled private detective Jessica Jones.


Jessica Jones

Real Name: Jessica Jones

AKA: Jewel

Created by Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Gaydos

First Appearance: Alias #1 November 2001

Comic Book Origins: Jessica Jones, in the comics, was a student at Midtown High School where she had a crush on fellow student Peter Parker. After getting tickets to Disney World from his boss Tony Stark, Jessica’s father decides to take the family on a vacation. On the way back, the car strikes a military convoy carrying radioactive chemicals, Jessica is doused with these chemicals as her family is killed in the subsequent crash. After spending months in a coma, she is adopted by the Jones family and eventually discovers her powers (superhuman strength, agility and flight) ¬†and uses them to be a hero. Until she meets Killgrave.

Killgrave uses his ability to control minds to turn Jessica into a slave devoted to him and a partner in his crimes. Jessica eventually regains control of her mind, but her time with Killgrave emotionally affects her to this day.


Pre-Defenders: After killing Killgrave, Jessica is keeping the lowest of low profiles. She is spending all of her evenings in bars and has effectively given up her detective agency. When she is confronted with a new case (which she initially declines), she finds herself drawn into a bigger mystery and into the crosshairs of Misty Knight. A mystery that has the hero requiring the services of a lawyer.

Marvel’s The Defenders launches August 18, 2017 on Netflix.

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