Deep Beyond #5

Image Comics

Written by Mirka Andolfo and David Goy

Art by Andrea Broccardo

Colors by Barbara Nosenzo

Letters by Maurizio Clausi

The Rundown: Jolene and her teammates encounter an alien species when they travel through a mysterious portal.

Paul finds himself in a compromising position. Then, the events of the previous three hours are reviewed. Meanwhile, Jolene, Hermes, and Lucas are imprisoned by border militia. Hermes relates his knowledge of their captors as they explore the oddities of their holding area. When they are confronted by mysterious beings, Jolene makes a dangerous decision. Later, the trio are surprised by some unexpected companions. Elsewhere, Eve and Caesar’s discussion leads to a shocking revelation.

The Story: This chapter is filled with world building content. And Andolfo and Goy do an excellent job of crafting the narrative of the inhabitants of New Earth. I want to know more about its history and its relationship with Earth. This episode is limited in action, but high in intensity. I found myself deeply invested in the well being of Jolene and her crew, and anxious for their care. The cliff hanger ending is very interesting, and I can’t wait to find out more in the next episode.

The Art: Broccardo uses detailed art work heavy on character features and expression. The color palate is muted and has a water color quality. And the tone of the episode is perfectly expressed. I found this issue to be engaging and emotionally connective.

Deep Beyond #5



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