With all the shakeups in the DC Extended Universe film universe, one of the characters that people wondered about was Deathstroke. Now it looks like the mercenary is going to find his place in the cinematic universe with his own solo film.


When pre-production began on the Batman solo film directed by Ben Affleck, the director/star was set to introduce the character of Slade Wilson aka Deathstroke as the main villain for the film. Two more directors and an all new script later, it was starting to look like Deathstroke, who would be played by Joe Manganiello in the film, would end up on the cutting room floor if he ever made it to the screen at all.


Now comes news from The Hollywood Reporter that Warner Brothers is looking to The Raid director Gareth Evans to write and direct a Deathstroke solo film for the studio. The film is being looked at as a starring vehicle for Manganiello who’s next film is the Dwayne Johnson video game movie Rampage due out in April.

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