Deadpool Sequel Has Found Its Cable!!

It’s a rare feat for an actor to get to play two iconic roles in the comic book realm. Fighting and jockeying for position among the companies has always been an issue and now even more so. With that in mind, it is gratifying to see that there are people both in front of and behind the camera who are willing to cross those lines to continue to help creating the art that we enjoy. 


If people thought that Joss Whedon leaving the Marvel Cinematic Universe to go over to Warner Brothers and write, direct and produce their Batgirl film was unprecedented, then the news that Josh Brolin has been cast as the mutant hero Cable in the sequel to the highly successful Deadpool film is really going to blow their minds.


Brolin was announced as the character in an exclusive for The Hollywood Reporter. Josh Brolin is currently playing another Marvel character in the Marvel Studios films. He has a four picture deal to play the villain Thanos for Disney/Marvel including in the upcoming Infinity War movie that is currently being filmed. He will reportedly join the Deadpool production in June up in Vancouver for FOX.


Cable is the code name for Nathan Christopher Summers, a mutant warrior from the future and the adult son of X-Men leader Cyclops and Jean Grey clone Madelyne Pryor. Besides his cybernetic enhancements, he is a skilled warrior with the mutant abilities of telepathy and telekinesis among others.

This is a developing story that we will continue to monitor. Let us know what you think of the casting in the comments below.

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