Dead Body Road Bad Blood #6

Image Comics

Written by Justin Jordan

Art by Benjamin Tiesma

Colors by Mat Lopes

Letters by Pat Brosseau

The Rundown: Bree has a final showdown with Monk regarding the fate of her brother.

With everything she’s been through to keep her brother Hunter safe, Bree Hale finally confronts him at a secret location only the two of them seem to know about. Unfortunately, the secret is out and Monk is barreling towards their location at high speed and with intention of stopping. Even some well placed shots from Bree don’t seem to slow the man or his resolve to make Hunter pay.

Despite devastating injuries to himself, Monk is in no mood to stop his mission of revenge. Even with Bree and a last minute assist from someone else actively trying to stop him, Monk will not relent. As he continues his chase for Hunter, Bree realizes something that will change her and possibly set her free.

The Story: A brilliantly tense, emotional ending from Jordan. The story is well told and resolved in a way that is not only surprising, but delightfully mature in its approach and execution. I really enjoy the departure from narrative norms this story takes and its message about revenge. It’s always interesting to see a character evolve psychologically and that is what happens to Bree in this story. A great finale that hits all the right tones.

The Art: Benjamin Tiesma crafts some beautiful panels in this issue. Each page is filled with tension and the panels progress perfectly to play into that tension. A visually great finale with some awesome imagery throughout.

Dead Body Road Bad Blood #6



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