Dead Body Road: Bad Blood #2

Image Comics

Written by Justin Jordan

Art by Benjamin Tiesma

Colors by Mat Lopes

Letters by Pat Brosseau

The Rundown: Bree Hale is going to send a clear message to the man looking for her brother. A message written by blood.


After Sinclair’s man made the mistake of attacking her, the authorities arrive to find him dead and Bree’s bar and apartment burned down. Bree decides its time to send a message to Monk Sinclair, but first she’s going to need some personal items.

Meanwhile, Sinclair himself is getting more desperate and brazen in his hunt. His obsession with finding Hunter Hale leads him to escalating violence that is proving harder and harder to cover up.

Hunter and Lila find getting away to be harder than they thought and when Lila makes a rash decision, Hunter will discover that Monk’s reach is longer than he thought.

With things escalating, Bree pays a visit to one of Monk’s businesses to send the gangster a message he won’t soon forget.

The Story: Taut, entertaining and thrilling. Justin Jordan takes the reader on an adrenaline fueled thrill ride with Bree. As a character, she continues to be compelling and interesting as events unfold. You want to see what happens next for her and what she does next to both Monk and his men. The Hunter storyline works well because it’s doled out in small doses that keep the reader guessing and the twist towards the end I was not expecting. Overall a fun book that keeps raising the stakes while keeping focused on the characters.

The Art: Benjamin Tiesma delivers some beautiful, stylized visuals throughout this issue. There are great details throughout and every panel has an energy that matches the pace and tone of the story.

Dead Body Road Bad Blood #2




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