DCs Harley Quinn Romances Issue #1

DC Comics

Written by Alexis Quasarano, Zipporah Smith, Amanda Deibert, Frank Allen, Raphael Draccon, Carolina Munhoz, Jessica Berbey, Ivan Cohen

Art by Max Sarin, Will Robson, Adrana Melo, John McCrae, Ig Guara, Priscilla Petraites, Fico Ossio

Colors by Marissa Louise, Andrew Dalhouse, John Kalisz, Mike Spicer, Ivan Plasenscia, Michael Atiyeh, Sebastian Cheng

Letters by Taylor Esposito, Steve Wands, Becca Carey, Saida Temofonte, Carlos M. Mangual

The Rundown: This issue features a collection of one-shot stories with a romantic theme.

Stranger Than Fan Fiction

A lighthearted romance following the adventures Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy. This tale features a unique story within a story aspect. In the main story Harley follows Ivy on a holiday themed caper, during which she shares a Valentine’s Day fanfic of the two Gotham City Sirens.

Here’s To Jack, Here’s to Molly

A robbery gone wrong forces Batman to carry along a newly engaged couple on his quest to find the Red Bomber. I really enjoyed this funny and action-packed narrative, especially the sweet ending.

Power Girl and All-American Boy

Life as a single superhero isn’t easy. Power Girl, Karen Starr, goes on a blind date with Jimmy Olsen at the behest of her cousin Clark. Afterwards, a series of events causes Karen to question the feasibility of a new relationship.


After helping John Constantine battle a deadly enemy, a disguised Deadman goes on a blind date with a heartbreaking past. I found this tale to be both amusing and melancholy. The banter between Constantine and Deadman was witty. And it was nice to see a tender side of Deadman.

Dating App Disaster

Ice arranges a series of blind dates for Fire, who is looking for the perfect Valentine. Honestly, the way the villain in the beginning of the story was handled, turned me completely off. I don’t know much about these characters, but I think it was a complete miss.

Across the Multiverse

Sunbird must rescue Midnighter from an army of villains that want to learn their secrets. This was a cute adventure that illustrated the power of love.

Once Upon a Romance Novel

Kite-Man spends Valentine’s day wandering the streets of Gotham. Finally, he returns home and gets lost in a romance novel where he imagines himself as the lead. I found this story adorable and reminiscent of my favorite Harlequin books.

Splendor in the Foam

Harley and group of superheroes get together for a Galentine’s day meal where they discuss their exploits with none other than Aquaman. It was interesting how each of the six women gathered had a different story about their encounters with Aquaman while Mera was in “another dimension.”

DCs Harley Quinn Romances Issue #1



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