DCEASED Unkillables #3

DC Comics

Written by Tom Taylor

Art by Karl Mostert

Inks by Trevor Scott, Neil Edwards and Karl Mostert

Colors by Rex Lokus

Letters by Saida Temofonte

The Rundown: The survivors of a global horror must make one last attempt to survive with a super powered zombie on their heels.


With their secured location breached by Mirror Master and Bane, Gordon and the survivors have to fight their way out and to a possible sanctuary. With the kids prepared to fight to the end, Gordon moves them to the only place where they can possibly escape, the buses. With the batmobile in the lead, the survivors blast their way out and head to Gotham and the possibility of sanctuary in Poison Ivy’s garden.

With the heroes, former villains and kids in a caravan heading towards the city, they will have to not only contend with the threats outside, but a zombie Mirror Master using his power to attack internally. The group will suffer more losses and discover more about what kind of heroes they are when a zombified Wonder Woman decides to cut their trip short.

The Story: Taylor brings this story to an entertaining and action packed conclusion. What makes the story more engaging is that Taylor puts a lot of heart into it from characters you wouldn’t expect to have any. There is a lot to enjoy in this issue and the writing does a great job of pacing both the action and the character interactions so the reader follows the rising tension of the story. The story has some great surprises throughout and I loved not knowing where it was going or who would survive.

The Art: Karl Mostert does some great work visually in this issue. There are some truly disturbing and scary visuals throughout and the brutality is visceral without distracting from the story and the characters.

DCEASED Unkillables #3




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