The DC Universe app is live and the service is available. Since the announcement of this new streaming service and app, I have been anticipating what might be included when the service went live and here are my impressions of what DC Universe has to offer.

dc universe

The Homepage is divided into sections that highlight what you’ve been accessing as well as what is available either in movies or the new DC Daily series. I’ve been reading a lot of back issues available on the app so I have tabs to those issues for easy access in order to dive back in to what I was reading. There’s also a section for trending movies, trending comics, essential stories, character exploration, social media discussions and recent news.


The Movies & TV section has a pretty detailed collection of items from the Adventures of Superman from 1952 to the first two seasons of Young Justice. While many of the DC shorts are dubious in their quality, the fact that many of the DC animated features as well as Justice League Unlimited are available is definitely a plus. What you won’t find at launch are any of the new series the service has in production. It would have great to have a flagship series to usher in subscribers.


The comics section is good. I like being able to go back and re-read issues I haven’t pulled from the long box in a while. It’s not a definitive collection by any stretch, so I am waiting on certain issues to be added. Unfortunately, I don’t know when.

The community and news sections are fine. They don’t take anything away from the experience, but their contributions haven’t excited me yet.

The Encyclopedia section is cool. It has some pretty in-depth dossiers on characters like Amanda Waller and others that showcase when the character first appeared, a pretty detailed history and essential storylines featuring that character.

I had avoided the Shop tab as long as I could because the temptation to buy is too great, but it is a pretty fun section with some great offerings in merch for fans of the DC Comics characters.


First Impressions: I like the app. I’m not in love with it yet because, other than things I have already enjoyed from DC, it doesn’t offer much in the way of new. Once the app starts generating more original content and a release onto consoles or smart TV devices, I might be more impressed.

DC Universe is currently available for $7.99 per month or $74.99 for a one year subscription.


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