DC Horror Presents The Conjuring: The Lover #1

DC Comics

Written by David L Johnson-McGoldrick, Rex Ogle and Scott Snyder

Art by Garry Brown and Denys Cowan

Colors by Mike Spicer and Chris Sotomayor

Letters by Becca Carey

The Rundown: Jessica is at a crossroads in her life, but there are dark forces at work with plans of their own for her.

Jessica is returning to college in the fall of 1981 and her mother is worried that her lack of direction will cause her to miss out opportunities. At the same time, Jessica keeps thinking back to when times were simpler with her friend Katie. As life on campus continues, a dark presence stalks Jessica. One that is not only getting stronger, but is getting closer to the unsuspecting co-ed. One that has a connection to the life she left behind.

Tales from the Artifact Museum: The Ferryman

A man is on a race against time and death itself as he tells the driver of the Ferryman who has haunted his existence since he was a kid. It’s a story that began with a legend not believed. A legend that will spend years taking people from his life until he realizes that he is the cause. After years of tragedy and loss, the man has tracked down the object that caused his misery, but life is full of twists.

The Story: The first story is a great slow burn of suspense and terror. It establishes the protagonist and weaves in the elements of the supernatural that will be part of Jessica’s story. It doesn’t try to do too much too soon and that peaked my interest as a reader to not only see what happens next, but to speculate on how the character and the events connect. The second story is great comic book terror. Snyder establishes the character well, the circumstances and the stakes brilliantly. There is a feeling of terror throughout the story and organically weaves its way to a satisfying twist ending that is well earned.

The Art: Garry Brown does a great job with the atmosphere throughout the story and the shadows and empty spaces are brilliantly utilized to ramp up the suspense. Cowan does an awesome job with the art and style of the story. There is a classic horror comic element to the art in this story and it captures the tone and mood of the story perfectly.

DC Horror Presents The Conjuring: The Lover #1



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