It’s the end of an era at DC Comics as one of its most interesting imprints comes to an end.

According to multiple reports in EW and others, DC Comics will end the Vertigo Comics imprint as it reorganizes its comic publishing. The reorganization will organize all of the publishers books under one brand with three age-specific labels.


DC Kids will publish books focused on young readers between the ages of 8-12. The regular DC Comics will continue to be for ages 13 and older while the new DC Black Label imprint will feature stories for “mature readers”.

Vertigo Comics began in the early 90’s and allowed for more mature content to be produced by some of the leading writers in the business including Neil Gaiman, Alan Moore and Grant Morrison. The imprint allowed for more creator-owned titles as well as stories that fell outside of the DC continuity at the time. With the rise of other imprints, writers went to other companies to tell their stories. DC attempted to re-launch Vertigo with a new series of stories set in Gaiman’s Sandman universe and those titles will continue after the reorganization completes in 2020.

With the shuttering of Vertigo, there will be more news about the titles under the imprint and their futures to come.


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