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I have been excited about the newest story arc from DC Comics since I was teased about it in my interviews with writer Scott Snyder and his vision for the next great DC Comics story is almost here!

DC Comics has released a series of preview images from the first issue of Dark Nights: Metal #1 and they are amazing. With art from Greg Capullo, the story by Scott Snyder and James Tynion IV looks to bring back some DC fan favorite heroes of old. The preview images don’t have any letters on them so you’ll have to speculate on what the images mean, but I can tell you some non-spoilery details from my previous conversations with the writer of Metal.


The first image is symbolic (literally). There are symbols carved in the sand that seem to indicate different animal factions like wolves, bears and eagles. A shadow that looks like Batman comes into view and the next image shows the images rubbed away and covered in blood.








The next image is one that fans have seen previously but there is added content and context. You see the Justice League at the end of an arena battle on Mongol’s WarWorld possibly. They are all decked out in armor and seem to be powerless. Even without their powers, they seem to be victorious, but Mongol’s laughing harkens to a deadlier battle to come.







This image shows Mongol talking to Toyman Hiro Okamura, who is in chains at the despot’s side. What does Mongol have cooked up for the League and what is Hiro’s role in it?








The next image shows the League fighting giant robots that seem to be tailor-made for each hero. Could this be what Toyman was forced to build for Mongol?







Batman seems to have pressed his advantage in the fight with his robot. After prying the bot’s mouth open, the Dark Knight discovers a button with his symbol on it.







Metal-001-6-7The next image shows the League at Challengers Mountain, former home of the Challengers of the  Unknown. Flash and Superman reveal a hidden door with another symbol. It’s interesting to see characters that have, so far, been left out of Rebirth coming back in a story this in-depth and far-reaching.



Speaking of long-lost characters, you get your first look at classic characters like Starman, The Metal Men and Red Tornado in this next image.









The final preview image shows the classic map of the multiverse and how it is flipped over to show nothing. The Dark Multiverse will feature heavily in this arc and I can’t wait to see how it connects to the DC universe.





Dark Nights: Metal #1 will be available from DC Comics August 16, 2017 with a reduced price of $3.99.

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