Darkhawk Heart of the Hawk #1

Marvel Comics

Written by Danny Fingeroth, Dan Abnett and Kyle Higgins

Art by Mike Manley, Andrea Di Vito and Juanan Ramirez

Inks by Le Beau Underwood

Colors by Chris Sotomayor, Sebastian Cheng and Erick Arciniega

Letters by Travis Lanham

The Rundown: The legacy, adventures and future of Darkhawk are showcased in three new stories.

Cry of the City

Chris has only been Darkhawk for a few weeks and he continues to question whether he even is a superhero. As he conitnues his surveillance of the criminals that corrupted his father, the call of action distracts him. When it turns out the daughter of the man he’s after is the one who needs help, Chris uses this moment to get some information on the man through her. Unfortunately, his recon mission takes a dark turn when he realizes that he’s not the only one interested in the mob bosses daughter.

A great throwback story that has the look and feel of the 90’s. I really enjoyed the connective tissue of the story and its tension.

Long Way from Home

In the aftermath of a galactic war, Chris finds himself on a distant world looking for supplies, but finding danger instead. Danger in the form of the Brood. When his meal is interrupted by the alien creatures, Chris turns into Darkhawk to take them out. Unfortunately, Darkhawk ight be a bigger threat to the locals than the danger he’s facing.

A great short story that has an interesting connection to the previous one. A connection that shows the audience the intricate nature of Chris’ connection to Darkhawk and how they work together.

Last Flight

Chris finds himself on the edge of another universe spanning catastrophe and prepares to make the ultimate sacrifice to prevent it from happening. With his fuel reserves drained and no ability to communicate with anyone, Chris will make one desperate attempt to save the universe. An attempt that he hopes will inspire the next person who wears the amulet of Darkhawk.

There’s a great, solemn contemplative tone to this story that is engaging. The art is amazing as well and you get the sense that this is just the beginning rather than the end for the character.

Darkhawk Heart of the Hawk #1



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