Dark Spaces: Wildfire #1

IDW Publishing

Written by Scott Snyder

Art by Hayden Sherman

Colors by Ronda Pattison

Letters by Andworld Design

The Rundown: A series of wildfires gives a group of women an opportunity that could lead to murder.

Ruby Ma Ning and her fellow prisoners fight fires as crew 513. Even though they all have different backgrounds and different circumstances that brought them to prison, all of that goes away when they are on the job and putting their lives in each other’s hands. As Ma reveals who they are and how they contribute to the company, one of the crewmembers comes to the others with an opportunity linked directly to the current fire they are fighting.

As Ma deals with the reality of her sentence and a diagnosis that could change her life, the fantasy of opportunity starts to spread among the members of the crew. Spreading faster than fire, the crew decides to do something dangerous. Something not all of them will walk away from.

The Story: Snyder crafts a dark, ominous story that has a lot of heart within it. Heart that comes through in the characters and how they relate to each other. The story definitely has a serious tone to it, but it also has a dense and intriguing mystery at its heart that has engaged me. I love how the story sets up everything with a subtle, slow burn (no pun intended) right before it gives the reader a kick in the teeth with its surprise ending.

The Art: Sherman delivers some wonderful art in the issue. The style works really well with the characters and environments the story is conveying.

Dark Spaces: Wildfire #1



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