Dark Spaces: The Hollywood Special #5

IDW Publishing

Written by Jeremy Lambert

Art by Claire Roe

Colors by Jordie Bellaire

Letters by Becca Carey

The Rundown: Lou tries to rescue Vivian who is trapped in a growing nightmare.

Lou continues to investigate the mine after Vivian disappeared and he finds himself falling deeper into the mine until he comes upon a location from his own dark past. A location filled with a dark memory that threatens to consume him.

At the same time, Vivian continues to think of her daughter and tries to remember good times she had with her along with the pain. Memories that could help her finally escape the growing nightmare threatening to take her.

The Story: Lambert crafts a dark, engaging and surreal story in this issue. I continue to enjoy the tone of this series and how compelling the story is and this issue adds more drama to it with Lou and his past becoming part of the narrative. I look forward to seeing what happens next.

The Art: Roe delivers some beautifully detailed and brutal art throughout the issue. I love the nightmarish imagery and how it captures the tone of the story.

Dark Spaces: The Hollywood Special #5



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