Screenwriter Simon Kinberg makes his directorial debut this year with X-Men: Dark Phoenix and it looks like he already has his next project lined up.

Warner Brothers is producing a remake of the 1976 Dystopian future adventure Logan’s Run for a new generation. The studio has enlisted Hunger Games writer Peter Craig to write the screenplay and Simon Kinberg to direct.


Logan’s Run tells the story of life in the year 2274 where the young residents of the city live in comfort and hedonistic splendor. Once someone becomes 30 years old, they are required to die for the sake of the community. Those that choose to live are called runners and Logan is a member of a police force called the Sandmen tasked with eliminating all runners.

No word on casting, but the prevailing rumor is that this version of Logan’s Run will feature a female lead.

More on this story as it develops.

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