One thing that fans of Batman love to do is imagine what the Dark Knight would do if he actually had superpowers. How would Bruce fight crime if he had the powers of his allies. Dark Nights Metal might prove that dream could be your worst nightmare.


One of the things that Snyder has talked about in regards to these versions of Batman from the Dark Multiverse is that they represent Bruce’s deepest fears. So what could Flash and the speed force represent to Bruce that would make him afraid?


The one-shot seems to have some definite nods to Crisis on Infinite Earths with a Dark Multiverse version of The Flash seemingly trying to stop a similar event. In the midst of the crisis, Batman attacks with an array of weapons from Flash’s Rogues Gallery including Captain Cold’s gun, Weather Wizard’s staff and Mirror Master’s gun as well. It looks like he targets Flash in order to steal his powers. What a Speed Force infused Batman does with those powers is anyone’s guess.

Dark Knights - Red Death page 002-003 corrected

Batman: The Red Death #1 will be written by current The Flash writer Joshua Williamson with art by Carmine Di Giandomenico. It will be available September 20th.

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