Dark Nights Death Metal The Secret Origin #1

DC Comics

Written by Scott Snyder and Geoff Johns

Art by Jerry Ordway, Francis Manapul, Ryan Benjamin, Richard Friend, Paul Pelletier and Norm Rapmund

Colors by Hi-Fi, Ian Herring, Rain Beredo and Adriano Lucas

Letters by Rob Leigh

The Rundown: One of the multiverses greatest villains just might hold the key to saving everyone.

The Superboy of Earth Prime was born without powers in a world where he worshipped the DC heroes in their comic book forms. Heroes who inspired him to stand up for himself and those that couldn’t stand up for themselves. His bravery would catch the eye of someone special and just as he was finding his place in the world with a girl who liked him, his existence was rocked by circumstances that not only destroyed everything he holds dear, but send him on a dark path.

In the present, Superboy Prime finds himself gathered with the rest of the heroes and villains of the multiverse standing against the plans of the Batman Who Laughs and feeling the tension as his past deeds bring up anger and disgust in everyone around him. With every reason to hate everyone around him and turn towards the darkness, a small act of kindness might be all it takes to inspire him to be something more. When he discovers a new power inside of himself during the battle, Superboy Prime becomes the person that just might save the multiverse.

The Story: Everything about this story was an unexpected series of surprises from Snyder and Johns. It does a great job of showcasing the fact that Superboy Prime is more than just the villain he becomes. There is an sweet, redemptive quality to the storytelling that pushes the reader to re-examine the character and his place in the universe while also making his struggles relatable. I was impressed with this story in many ways and interested in seeing how that story continues.

The Art: Every artist brings something unique and interesting to the table in this issue. There are some great nostalgic moments in some of the art and other passages that have the slick style of today and those moments do a great job of distinguishing time, place and emotion in the issue.

Dark Nights Death Metal The Secret Origin #1



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