Dark Nights: Death metal #1

DC Comics

Written by Scott Snyder

Art by Greg Capullo

Inks by Jonathan Glapion

Colors by FCO Plascencia

Letters by Tom Napolitano

The Rundown: In a terrifying and dark universe, Wonder Woman must come up with a plan to put everything right again.


On the island of Themyscira, now Hell on Earth, Wonder Woman sets a plan in motion under the nose of the leader of the world, the Batman Who Laughs. Diana works in secret, even with the emissaries from the Batman Who Laugh arriving with a new prisoner for Tartarus. A prisoner who seems to know her and wants her to remember.

As the heroes meet with their new master, Perpetua continues to destroy universes. Diana receives a message from Batman about a new plan he has to continue the resistance. Diana believes that there is another way. A way to bring everything back and fix the multiverse, but it will require something she can’t seem to remember. When she finally travels to the pits to visit the new prisoner interred there, she discovers the truth about everything. A truth she will take bold and decisive action to protect.

The Story: I’ve been reading comic books for decades and one of the most enduring aspects of the comic book industry is the event comic. From Crisis on Infinite Earths to The New 52, DC Comics has constantly evolved, changed and connected its universe in ways that sometimes work and sometimes don’t. What is so uniquely interesting about Scott Snyder’s Dark Nights Death Metal is that it takes all of those stories and their ramifications for the DC universe and celebrates them in a way that rewards the longtime reader. It tells us that everything we’ve been reading matters in the larger scheme of the DC universe and that all of those stories have a place and a purpose.

The writing is fantastic. Not only does Snyder introduce us to a new, dark and dire universe, but he still manages to bring humor and heart to the story as well. The story is ultimately about the fight for truth and having Wonder Woman as the scion of truth is a great story idea. You can see the difference in focus and theme in the argument Diana has with Bruce about how they can win.

The Art: Greg Capullo’s art is the icing on an already decadent cake with the art not only being beautifully detailed, but celebratory of these characters and their powers. Everything from the composition of the panels to how they progress the story is brilliantly done.


Dark Nights Death Metal #1




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