William Gibson is one of the most acclaimed science fiction writers working and is responsible for amazing stories like Neuromancer, The Difference Engine, Johnny Mnemonic and more. In 1987, Gibson was brought in to write a screenplay for the third Alien film. It was never produced, but it is finding new life in the pages of Dark Horse Comics.


Gibson’s unproduced screenplay is being developed as a mini-series for Dark Horse Comics. The series, titled William Gibson’s Alien 3 will be illustrated by writer/artist Johnnie Christmas. Gibson released a statement where he discussed the screenplay and the adaptation saying;

“When your first contracted screenplay (or screenplay of any kind, in my case) isn’t produced, but the film is eventually made with a different screenplay, retaining nothing of yours but a barcode tattoo on the back of a character’s neck, the last thing you ever expect is to see yours beautifully adapted and realized, decades later, in a different medium, by an artist of Johnnie Christmas’ caliber. It’s a wonderful experience, and I have no doubt that Johnnie’s version, which adheres almost entirely to the script, delivers more of my material to the audience than any feature film would have been likely to do.” He said.

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Gibson’s story will be a departure from the Alien 3 film and will feature some dramatic changes to the narrative. One of those changes will be that Ripley will not be the main focus of the series. Much of the story will be told from the point of view of Bishop and Hicks from James Cameron’s Aliens film played by Lance Henrickson and Michael Biehn.

William Gibson’s Alien 3 will launch November 7th.

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