Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths #4

DC Comics

Written by Joshua Williamson

Art by Daniel Sampere

Colors by Alejandro Sanchez

Letters by Tom Napolitano

The Rundown: As the heroes fight to hold back the darkness, many begin to realize that it might be too late.

Hal Jordan makes his way to the John Stewart sector of Pariah’s prison for the Justice League and finds himself needing a save from Barry Allen who takes them to their next location, Gotham World. At the same time, Mr. Terrific tells the gathered heroes that there might not be much they can do to stop what’s coming and the missing Deathstroke might be the reason why. Alan Scott confronts Nightwing about getting back into the fight as new heroes team with veterans to help the best they can.

Black Adam has decided that the new heroes are not ready to do what must be done to protect the multiverse, so he seeks out his former colleagues in the Legion of Doom to come up with a plan to fight Deathstroke. Unfortunately, Slade and his forces arrive and start a brawl that might be exactly what Pariah needs to create his new multiverse.

The Story: Williamson crafts an entertaining story in this issue. There are some interesting and engaging twists and turns in the story and I really enjoyed how the parts of the story come together. I like the reunion with Barry and Hal and how they are utilized to attempt retrieve the rest of the League. I liked the introspective elements of the Nightwing story and how he was challenged. The story overall held my attention well enough to make me interested in what happens next.

The Art: Sampere delivers some stunning art in the issue. Every page has something visually stunning to hold the attention of the reader.

Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths #4



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