Daredevil #604

Marvel Comics

Written by Charles Soule

Art by Mike Henderson

Colors by Matt Milla

Letters by Clayton Cowles

Father Jordan descends on City Hall and he needs some time alone to help Mayor Murdoch deal with the infestation that is taking hold of the city. After exorcising the demon inside Matt, he reveals that there is another side to him. Other than being a priest, he is a member of a secret order that is on its way to the city; The Order of the Dragon.

This new player in town decides to take on the Hand as the Beasts power continues to spread throughout the city. Soule does a great job of condensing the history of this new order down to a signal page and gets the reader quickly back into the story. It is a compelling history though and one that I would like to see revisited in either a one-shot or limited series.

As Matt regains his strength, he coordinates with the police commissioner and they discover the source of the gas that is poisoning the city. Daredevil decides to take to the air along with the Dragons to find the source and attack it. Henderson draws some awesome action sequences in this issue and the battle between Daredevil and the Beast is great to witness. All of it works from a story and visual level and the reveal at the end of this issue adds another wrinkle to this story. One that is going to be hard to overcome for both Matt and Daredevil.

As big a story as this could be, Soule does a great job of keeping it grounded and relatively small. There’s a concentration on character in this arc and that focus is what keeps the story moving at a pace that makes the moments presented more impactful. Henderson’s art is awesome as well and there are some panels that are breathtaking. This story continues to get better and better.

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