1347E0BD-43A4-473D-BE82-56CD1D54B1F1Daredevil #602

Marvel Comics

Written by Charles Soule

Art by Mike Henderson

Colors by Matt Milla

It’s hour two into the Mayoral administration of Matt Murdock and anyone in uniform from police officers to security guards are under attack by agents of The Hand. As Daredevil tries to deal with the problem, he needs to call in an old friend to deal with something else. Unfortunately, Matt can’t be on the streets like he wants to, so he has to deal with the crisis as the Mayor and he needs help from someone he trusts, Foggy Nelson. What I like about the scene that follows is that Matt is in for a rude awakening from Foggy if he thinks that his old friend is going to just roll over and do what he says while Matt goes swinging through the city.


It’s good to see Foggy have that kind of purchase with Matt and for him to remind the new Mayor that people depend on him in and out of costume. Henderson has a great four panel page after that which clearly sums up Foggy’s argument. When Blindspot shows up we get our explanation for presence of The Hand and the danger increases as the ninjas target police headquarters. This allows Daredevil to get back into the action and there is a seamless blending of both the narrative and art that is awesome to read. Soule really captures a film noir, detective movie style with the narration and Henderson does great with the visuals, especially when Daredevil cuts loose.

This was a satisfying issue from start to finish, especially the last page which opens up some pretty exciting possibilities about what Matt and Blindspot are going to face next. I really like that the dual nature of Matt’s life now is being handled in a way that makes sense. Having Foggy be there to keep Matt honest also helps with keeping a sense of grounded logic to this story. Even though we have a sense of why The Hand has invaded, there is still a lot of mystery left in this story, especially from the ominous final page of this book. I can’t wait to see what happens next.

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