Daredevil #601

Marvel Comics

Written by Charles Soule

Art by Mike Henderson

Colors by Matt Milla

Matt Murdock is the new mayor of New York City. Matt Murdock is also dressed in a red costume with horns, secure in the back of a police transport van. As Matt tries to free himself, he sees that the Hand have other plans for Daredevil and attack. Back at City Hall, everyone is wondering where the new Mayor is with Wilson Fisk in surgery to remove a volley of arrows from his chest.


As Matt shows up to his new office, he gives orders to the Police Commissioner about what to do next in order to protect the city. When she asks him what his plan is, he tells her. I love the next page in this issue with the heroes gathered in detention trying to determine who’s to blame until they receive news that Murdock had them released. I also really enjoy the back and forth between Matt and Wesley in the aftermath. It was pure fun.

The action and tension in this issue work well. Soule seems to be having some fun with Matt’s new circumstances rather than having him lament the responsibility. It’s good to see this side of Matt. In the face of huge odds, he has confidence that he can still win. Henderson has some amazing art in this issue. The fight between a bound Daredevil and the Hand is awesome as well as the final showdown between Matt and Wesley in the Mayor’s office. The immediacy of the issue is what really makes it work and all of the twists and turns that Matt’s new job promise make me interested to see what happens next.

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