Daredevil #596

Marvel Comics

Written by Charles Soule

Art by Stefano Landini

Colors by Matt Milla

Rarely do I find myself stunned at the ending of a comic, but the end of this issue had me genuinely stunned. I’m not going to spoil it for you because I am absolutely encouraging you to pick it up and read it, but it was a great ending.

After the events of last issue, Daredevil is chastising himself for letting the newly elected Mayor of New York Wilson Fisk bait him into a confrontation. Unfortunately, the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen will not have that much time for recriminations when the entire force of the NYPD comes after him. Fisk has informed the authorities that he was attacked by Daredevil and the police immediately got into action to bring down the vigilante. They even bring in a special unit designed specifically to bring down super-powered threats.

By the time Matt figures out what is happening, it is too little, too late. He refuses to let the city see him as a criminal, but his actions make that even harder as his attempts to get away put him in the crosshairs of the special unit. They use specialized equipment to subdue him long enough for the media to pick up on the story and it takes everything Matt can muster, including calling in some favors for him to find a clean getaway in order to regroup and refocus. As the chase continues throughout the city and later into the night, the writer and artist allow the reader to feel that tension build between the opposing forces.

As Matt continues to put the pieces together in his head about how he now fits in this new dynamic and what the city is going to think of him, he gets a phone call from someone with an offer that he is both shocking and sublime to witness.

Soule captured and held my attention with the last issue and continues to do so with this one. I found myself engaged in this story of Fisk’s rise to prominence and Daredevil’s realistic opposition to it. There are no moments in this story so far that feel cheap or unearned and the Fisk/Murdock dynamic continues to be both a steady constant and ever-evolving thing. Landini’s art does a great job of capturing the city as well as the shadows and there were some panels that flowed with energy and movement. Can’t wait to see how this story continues.

Pics courtesy of Comixology



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