Daphne Byrne #3

DC Comics

Written by Laura Marks

Art by Kelly Jones

Colors by Michelle Madsen

Letters by Rob Leigh

The Rundown: Daphne seeks help for her mother as the entity connected to her convinces her to use her gifts freely.


Daphne has decided to embrace the dark entity following her disguised as a young man. As she asks him questions, the two are interrupted by her mother who wants her to go back to school. Daphne reluctantly agrees, but her return to class will force the young lady to confront the growing darkness inside her and an explosion of that darkness will force her to leave the school and seek out someone to hopefully help her.

At the same time, the money issues her mother faces forces her to return to the psychic for answers. Unfortunately for the grieving widow, the woman is not alone and she and her friends have a dark purpose in mind for the woman.

The Story: Daphne Byrne continues to be an interesting read with some intriguing characters. Laura Marks does a great job of building this dark and engaging world with each issue. The characters are written with a true sense of the era and the plot continues to build with the promise of more darkness and secrets to come. A consistently fun and interesting read.

The Art: Kelly Jones has a beautiful art style that is perfect for this story and the use of darkness and shadows is perfect.

Daphne Byrne #3




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