Daphne Byrne #2

DC Comics

Written by Laura Marks

Art by Kelley Jones

Colors by Michelle Madsen

Letters by Rob Leigh

The Rundown: As Daphne begins a new phase of life, a dark force makes its presence known.

Daphne’s dreams are getting worse and when she awakes, she finds that something strange has happened to her. Something her governess explains is a natural evolution for her as a young woman. Unfortunately, this change comes with a dark visitor who haunts her waking moments.


As she tries to determine what is happening to her, Daphne’s new friend will emerge and show her a dark, disturbing vision of her world and imbue her with dark powers that allow her to take a small measure of revenge on the girls who torment her in school. At the same time, the fortune teller her mother relies on tells her that she needs to remarry in order to be safe and as she leaves, she happens to meet a mysterious stranger who is not what he seems.

The Story: Laura Marks does a great job of laying out a story that takes some dark and interesting turns. The pace is a little slow, but the dialogue is immersive. The story has some great plot moments throughout and the new character introduced in this issue is both scary and engaging. There are a lot of things in this story that are entertaining and it will be interesting to see where the story goes next.

The Art: Kelley Jones delivers some beautiful and dark imagery throughout this issue. There are some definite moments of beauty mixed with the macabre and all of it works.

Daphne Byrne #2




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