Crowded_03-1Crowded #3

Image Comics

Written by Christopher Sebela

Art by Ro Stein

Inks by Ted Brandt

Colors by Triona Farrell

Letters by Cardinal Rae

The price on Charlie Ellison’s head continues to rise as she and Vita continue to hide out in their latest safe house. At the same time, a team of paparazzi have decided to work together to take down the million dollar girl and they have managed to track the pair to the hotel they are hiding out in. As they close in on their target, two out-of-town hunters are tracking them in their own ways.


While Trotter makes the rounds in town, basking in the fame that he’s garnered as a famous hunter, a mysterious young woman has decided to take a different tactic to learn about her prey. She has decided to immerse herself into the lives of Charlie and Vita and her journey takes her to some unexpected places in Vita’s home. When Vita finds herself defending Charlie from another attack, she finally realizes how and why they keep being discovered. Unfortunately, it might be too late for her to do anything about it.

I continue to find myself immersed in the world of this story as well as the characters in it. This issue moved a little slower than the previous ones, but it does balance itself with more story development. I would have liked a little more of the mystery of Charlie to be explored. Sebela does a great job of making this story interesting and I continue to be interested in where it’s going as it explores a level of modern culture that society seems to be heading in.

Ro Stein’s art is great in this issue and I really enjoyed how kinetic the art is. Everything seems to be moving in the panels and that helps to move some of the slower parts of the story along.

Crowded #3




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