Crow Reboot Lands at New Studio with New Title

James O’Barr’s classic graphic novel The Crow was a milestone in the industry when it was published in 1989. The subsequent Alex Proyas film in 1994 was both tragic and triumphant. Even with the loss of the movie’s lead during production, the film went on to box office success and a cult following. While sequels and a syndicated television series followed, a reboot of the original story was always talked about and made its way to several studios for development. The latest studio that had the project in production was Relativity Media.


The Hollywood Reporter and Slashfilm are reporting that the film has flown to another studio after Relativity Media’s bankruptcy filing. Davis Films, run by Samuel Hadida (the man behind the Resident Evil and Silent Hill film series), will produce the new film. With a new studio also comes a new title. The new film, produced by Edward R. Pressman (producer of the original 1994 film), will be called Crow Reborn.


The film was set to begin filming January 2017. There’s no word on whether the film’s director Corin Hardy or its star Jason Mamoa are still on board the project, but we will continue to keep you informed on any new developments.

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