Crossover #7

Image Comics

Written by Chip Zdarsky

Art by Phil Hester

Inks by Ande Parks

Colors by Dee Cunniffe

Letters by John J Hill

The Rundown: In the world of comic book character crossovers, one creator finds himself in the crosshairs of one of his creations.

“Dave Murray” has fled to Canada after the crossover event released comic book heroes and villains into the real world. With the feeling that one of his creations is hunting him, “Dave” tries to find a quiet life on the run. Unfortunately, he doesn’t seem to be skilled at anything useful beyond writing and drawing comic books. Something he tells his wife as he hides out in hotels and stays on the run.

“Dave” is actually Chip Zdarsky and after what happened to one of his colleagues, he is afraid of what could happen to him. Unfortunately, the draw of comics brings him to a local shop where things take a weird turn when he finds out that the character stalking him is different than who he thought. When the two team up to keep the creator safe, they will both find out that there is a bigger threat to Zdarksy stalking the night.

The Story: Zdarsky goes full meta in this issue that is both fun and engaging. The story is great and Zdarksy’s self depreciating humor is welcome throughout as he navigates life outside of doing the thing he loves. It is fun to see the writer not take himself seriously and the story is almost endearing in that way. I love the progression of the story and the fun and interesting directions that it takes. Not only did I enjoy the mystery immensely, but was excited and giddy with the way the issue ended.

The Art: Hester delivers some beautiful visuals throughout this issue. There are so many great human moments in the art that resonate with the reader.

Crossover #7



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