Crossover #5

Image Comics

Written by Donny Cates

Art by Geoff Shaw

Colors by Dee Cunniffe

Letters by John J Hill

The Rundown: As the group gets closer to breaching the dome, the impending war between humanity and the comic book crossovers begins.

Ellie, Madman and the rest of the group find the sword that will grant them passage beyond the dome. Unfortunately, an attack on a prison for crossovers sets many of them free and causes the government to send in troops to attack the fleeing crossovers.

With time running out, the group makes their way to the outskirts of the dome just in time to be attacked by amalgams created to destroy other crossovers. In the ensuing battle, the team is separated and Ellie is given the sword and its power. To make matters worse, Ava decides to stop the war by stopping the humans. An act that could cause the war to escalate.

The Story: Things are getting more intense and Cates ups the stakes for the characters. The story continues to be entertaining as well as interesting and the plot is well served by the dialogue. I like the direction the story is taking and its twists and turns keep me engaged in its outcome.

The Art: Shaw delivers some brilliant imagery throughout the issue. From the characters to the backgrounds, everything is filled with energy and detail.

Crossover #5



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