Crossover #2

Image Comics

Written by Donny Cates

Art by Geoff Shaw

Colors by Dee Cunniffe

Letters by John J Hill

The Rundown: As the fallout from the event continues, Ellie decides to return to the dome.

The comic book store has burned down and there is a violent backlash against the industry and some of its biggest names. Ellie returns to Otto’s home and finds out more about the event, the dome and the little girl Otto is harboring in his home. At the same time, Ryan is being processed by the police and finds himself in the presence of a man with immense power and a connection to the event.

The man has some interesting information about the event and the possibility that not all of the comic book characters are trapped within the dome. He also hints at a level of cooperation that is surprising. He also tells of a subject who they cannot seem to control before offering the young man a job and a purpose. Later that evening, Ava displays some unknown and extremely disturbing abilities.

The Story: Donny Cates immediately hooks the reader with the first few pages and they are fun and definitely tongue in cheek. The story is well done and a deliberate slow burn that hints at events to come while setting up mysteries to explore. The dialogue is great and I love all of the unknown elements of the story and how impossible it is to predict as far as direction. I look forward to seeing where this story goes next and how big and interesting it becomes.

The Art: Geoff Shaw delivers some fantastic art in this issue. I continue to be blown away with the contrast between the “real” people and the comic book characters. I love the style of that contrast and how it looks on the page. I also love the visual Easter eggs throughout.

Crossover #2



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