Critical Role: Tales of Exandria – Artagan #3

Dark Horse Comics

Written by Sam Maggs and the Cast of Critical Role

Art by Aviv Or

Colors by Cris Peter

Letters by Ariana Maher

The Rundown: Artagan’s trial takes a dramatic and theatrical turn.

As Artagan’s trial continues, the next witness decides to tell his story. A story that reveals the root of Artagan’s long held hatred of the theater as a performance he attends gives a scathing reveal about the fey and his motivations. A reveal that will lead to panic in the courtroom as the other witnesses, including some familiar faces, jockey for position in an attempt to give their testimony.

As Artagan takes the opportunity to escape the trial, he runs into Keyleth, the Voice of the Tempest. After convincing her to help him escape, she brings him to the Shademurk. A journey that will give him the opportunity to seek out the only friend he has left in possibly any realm.

The Story: Maggs delivers a fun adventure for fans of Critical Role and the characters that make up that world. This is a great adventure for an interesting and mysterious character and the revelations made in the story make it a fun gift for fans. The story has a wonderful buildup to a fantastic reveal that makes me excited to see what happens in the finale. Definitely a series I have been enjoying with each issue.

The Art: Or delivers the perfect visual style for this series and this issue offers great visuals of not only the characters and their world, but some great cameos for anyone who’s a fan of this world and its characters.

Critical Role: Tales of Exandria – Artagan #3



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