Criminal Macabre/Count Crowley: From the Pit They Came #1

Dark Horse Comics

Written by Steve Niles and David Dastmalchian

Art by Lukas Ketner

Colors by Lauren Affe

Letters by Frank Cvetkovic

The Rundown: Jerri’s trip to LA will end with a dangerous monster hunt. 

Jerri is sent to LA in order to expand the audience of her show. Unfortunately, that means being part of a horror convention and she is not the most social person in the world. At the same time, supernatural detective Cal MacDonald is chasing a monster that decides to hide out at the same convention. Both Jerri and Cal find themselves fighting off the creature before it escapes. 

After regrouping at Cal’s, they learn about the creature and what it is looking for. As they hunt the creature down, the pair find themselves facing down a pair of monsters engaging in the most primal of instincts. 

The Story: The contrast between these two characters is brilliantly brought to life by Niles and Dastmalchian. Their interactions are fun and entertaining, but they also allow for the reader to see the real growth and change in Jerri as she sees a bit of who she used to be in Cal. The adventure is fun and there are great moments of humor throughout the story. It plays out really well for a one shot and definitely signifies that these characters should meet again. 

The Art: Ketner brilliantly captures the humor, tension and action of the story with art that is visually thrilling throughout and fun both in its characters and environments. 

Criminal Macabre/Count Crowley: From the Pit They Came #1



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