Criminal #9

Image Comics

Written by Ed Brubaker

Art by Sean Phillips

Colors by Jacob Phillips

The Rundown: Leo and his friend Ricky Lawless have decided to take on their first big score. A score that will force the budding thief to discover something about himself.

Leo has decided that he is finally going to branch out beyond pick-pocketing with his old man and uncle to his first heist. He enlists his friend Ricky Lawless to help him and the two of them get into position at the local arcade.


Leo has cased the place and crafted a plan that should get them some quick cash. Unfortunately, not only do they not get the kind of money they want, but Ricky decides that they should steal one of the machines. It doesn’t go well for them, but Leo discovers something about himself when the job requires him to make a dangerous decision.

The Story: A tight story that moves really well, Ed Brubaker does a great job of fleshing out a world full of interesting and engaging characters driven to crime through circumstance and choice. Making Leo the focus of this issue is a brilliant move and the story unfolds in a way that should have some interesting repercussions for the characters going forward, especially Ricky. An enjoyable ride filled with tension and noir-style drama.

The Art: Sean Phillips dramatic art continues to be the perfect complement to this issue and this series.

Criminal #9




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