A documentary about the recent extraordinary events surrounding GameStop and the explosion of its stock is currently in production with Jonah Tulis (Console Wars) helming. Dan Braun, Ben Braun, Matt Burke, and Josh Braun of Submarine will produce for Submarine on the documentary feature, along with Jonah Tulis, Blake J. Harris, and Circle of Confusion’s Julian Rosenberg, who produced Console Wars

A captivating true tale about the power of ordinary investors, the film will feature many of the key players who believed in the value of GameStop and came together in chat rooms, on livestreams and in social media comments sections to kickstart what became an internet and financial revolution. This includes six of the most influential and fascinating renegade investors in this story who will participate in the documentary exclusively.

These unlikely characters include a mid-western father of two whose contrarian research helped propel the internet’s big bet against Wall Street and an amateur investor whose previous career was rocked by COVID, so she put her life savings online and risked her fate on riding GameStop stock to the moon. The film will also examine the phenomenon behind this financial coup that already has, and will continue to, send ripples through the global economy, while shining a spotlight on the human side of this incredible drama, revealing the ups, downs and unprecedented ramifications of this incredible true story. It’s a saga about everyday people taking on the establishment and beating them at their own game. 

“When we approached Submarine about collaborating on this, it was an obvious fit with their long, storied experience in doc series and films” said Tulis. “This is a true David and Goliath story and our goal is to tell it through the eyes of the incredible men and women who risked it all – or ‘yolo’d’ as they like to say – making millions in the process and changing the landscape of the stock market forever.” Submarine said, “Like everyone, we were following the story as it unfolded with bated breath, fear, and amusement, and understood the significance of the event and all of it’s ripple effects. We knew we would have to bring this story to life. We are fans of Console Wars so when Jonah and Blake reached out to partner we said yes without hesitation.” 

The project is already in production and has funding in place. Tullis’ most recent film, Console Wars, was the first feature-length documentary for both CBS All Access and Legendary Television. An Official Selection of the 2020 SXSW Film Festival, Console Wars takes viewers back to 1990 when Sega, a fledgling arcade company, assembled a team of underdogs to take on the greatest video game company in the world, Nintendo. The film was executive produced by Seth Rogen & Evan Goldberg as well as Oscar-winning producer, Scott Rudin.

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