Commanders in Crisis #5

Image Comics

Written by Steve Orlando

Art by Davide Tinto

Colors by Francesca Carotenuto

Letters by Fabio Amelia

The Rundown: With empathy gone, maybe truth is the only thing that will save the world.

All over the world, the aftermath of the death of empathy continues as people give in to the darkness within themselves and disregard the needs of their fellow man. A determined Nina decides to lay all her cards on the table and reveal everything about the world they find themselves on, why she lied to her fellow Commanders and what the significance of the murder means. As she sends her message out to her team, they continue to do the work of being heroes.

As some of them get closer, the rest question their role and their mission as a team. Sawbones tries to get answers from the mother of their perpetrator as Seer learns more about the hidden history of this new world. As Nine continues to reveal the truth, her doppelganger begins the next phase of her plan to show the planet how futile life is.

The Story: Steve Orlando continues to craft and build a world with these characters and their adventures. The dialogue is great and the story is filled with great energy and mystery. The characters truly stand out and Orlando has done a great job of getting the reader to care about them as well as their personal and professional struggles. I can’t wait to see where and how the story evolves next.

The Art: Davide Tinto delivers some beautiful art throughout the issue. There is great detail in both the characters and the backgrounds and there is a moment that is definitely adult in nature, but not exploitive.

Commanders in Crisis #5



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