Commanders in Crisis #12

Image Comics

Written by Steve Orlando

Art by Davide Tinto

Colors by Francesca Carotenuto and Francesca Vivaldi

Letters by Fabio Amelia

The Rundown: The Crisis Command must turn to the people they protect to save the world.

With the cosmic sepsis growing and ready to consume the world, the Crisis Command makes a hail Mary play and stops the destruction long enough to give the world one last chance to the one thing that could heal it, work together. Bringing the minds of everyone on the planet together and giving them the opportunity to save it proves the be the one thing they never thought of. At the same time, Frontier continues to battle Executrix who is angry about the destruction of her plans.

As Frontier battles her murderous double, the world comes to a consensus about the direction it will go in and the Command puts it into effect. With the sepsis gone, the world finds itself changing, but there is still work to do for the Command and one of them will end up somewhere completely unexpected.

The Story: Steve Orlando brings this story to a beautifully satisfying conclusion with a plot that takes a new approach to ending a comic book crisis. There is a lot of heart to be found in the story, especially with its characters. The plot moves along brilliantly and there are some great introspective moments that are compelling. I liked all of the unique aspects of the story and how it takes a new direction in its resolution and everything in it makes me interested in more stories from this world and these characters.

The Art: Tinto delivers some fantastic visuals throughout the issue. The art is filled with energy and gorgeous detail. A great looking issue from start to finish.

Commanders in Crisis #12



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