In Esther Povitsky’s debut special, “Hot For My Name,” Povitsky goes home to Skokie, Illinois to understand why her unique relationship with her parents motivated her to become a comedian.


For her first stand-up special, Esther Povitsky is out to prove that she wouldn’t be the mess she is if it weren’t for her parents. Filmed at the Dynasty Typewriter in Los Angeles and over four different shows — mainly as an excuse for her to wear four different outfits — Povitsky’s material explores deep existential questions, such as why she’s like a slice of pizza in the bedroom, or why her ex-boyfriend’s wife blocked her on Facebook. The special also includes cameos by Christine TaylorAndrew Friedman and Priscilla Barnes.

Documentary footage is intercut with Povitsky’s sharp stand-up, giving audiences a hilarious look into her origin story. “Esther Povitsky: Hot For My Name” is executive produced by Happy Madison. The one-hour special will premiere Friday, June 5th at 10pm ET/PT on Comedy Central.

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